Moving out secretlyOnce you make up your mind to move out to another place, your first instinct is likely to be to let your friends and family know about the upcoming move. If you happen to be moving out of a rented place, then you should also inform the landlord and your roommates, if any, that you intend to move out soon.

Of course, this will be the case when you’re moving under normal circumstances. The main reason why you would like to tell everyone around you that you’re moving is that you might be hoping that someone will offer to help you out with something when it comes to the pre-move preparation.

After all, organizing a house move by yourself is a tough task, so any type of move-related help – from advice on where to find the best movers in the area to lifting heavy boxes and bulky furniture – should be much appreciated.

However, sometimes external factors might force you to move out secretly – that is, to move out without anyone knowing. You can have a good reason to want to move away without telling anyone about your intention, and if that’s really what you want to do, or need to do, then you’ll have no choice but to go along with your decision to move out discreetly.

Here are 5 top-secret tips for moving out secretly.

1. Be positive that you’re doing the right thing

The thing with moving out without anyone knowing is that you might regret your bold decision later on. And of course, you wouldn’t want to have any regrets after the move so what you must do from the very start is revisit the reasons why you wish to move out without telling anybody about it.

If you want to move out of a bad relationship, then planning to move out discreetly will make a lot of sense since you won’t wish to go through any additional drama on the day of the move and the few days leading up to it. You probably have the gut feeling that the person you’re breaking up with will try to stop you, to persuade you to stay, and that might plant the seed of doubt in your mind, thus only weakening your resolve to move away.

If you wish to move out of your parents’ house due to some kind of a conflict between you and your folks and you’re already an adult at 18+ years of age, then you must make sure you’re doing the right thing because you might not be able to return back there if things didn’t work out for you after the move.

Whatever the major reason for moving out secretly might be, you just have to be sure it’s what you really want to do. Reassess your decision carefully and if you do feel that moving out is the only way to keep moving forward (or to keep your sanity), then it’s time for you to start working on your secret move without any delay.

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2. Don’t tell anyone about your secret move

how to secretly move out

Moving out secretly means not telling anyone about your decision to move away.

You have re-evaluated your initial decision to move out without telling anyone about it and you have concluded that you’re making the right choice.

So far, so good.

And believe it or not, now comes one of the most challenging tasks ahead of you – to actually keep the move a secret until after you’ve moved out. Your secret move should remain a secret and that’s easier said than done, at least in most cases.

One careless word uttered at the wrong time could easily ruin the secrecy of the whole delicate situation. Whatever you do, just don’t let the cat out of the bag before moving day:

  • Resist the temptation to share the news of the upcoming move with friends and family. Keep reminding yourself of the main reasons, whatever they may be, why you want to move out secretly;
  • Be very careful about what you publish on your social media networks – even slight hints of your intention to move out discreetly might make your friends suspicious, which in turn will lead to awkward questions for you.
  • Change the subject if you feel like a conversation is steering toward the main reason for you to wish to secretly move out.

If the urge to share your secret about moving out secretly is simply too strong, then one possible solution to release some of the pressure of planning a discreet move is to consider confiding in the person you trust the most – the one you know would never tell anyone else – like your best friend, for example.

And yet, it’s best to keep your secret move a complete secret until you’ve reached the new home. You’ve got your reasons to want to move out without telling anyone about it so, for better or worse, you’d better stick to your initial decision.

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3. Pick the best time to move out in secret

Choosing the proper timing to move out is absolutely critical for the success of your stealth operation. In fact, it often proves to be the most important aspect when moving out secretly.

If you happen to be moving away from a bad relationship, then your partner may give you a hard time on the day of the move – they might try to stop you from leaving, or make a bad scene, or even get touchy if you’re taking with you a specific household item.

The idea of picking up a good time to move out is that you do want to spare yourself any possible drama on moving day. You must be going through a rough period as it is so the last thing you’d need are potential complications when it’s time to leave the current place.

When you’re moving out of a bad relationship – either a breakup or a divorce, the best time to move out secretly is when your partner is not around – when they are at work or out of town temporarily. Again, the main idea is to avoid any dramatic moments during the period you’re actually leaving the place.

When you’re moving out discreetly and you don’t wish your neighbors to see you leave (maybe the folks next door are the major reason you’re moving in the first place), then you may consider pulling off a move late in the evening or during the night when they will be sleeping and won’t bother you at all.

Think of a moving-away strategy that will work well for you. Bear in mind that choosing a bad time to move out can really make things even more complicated than they already are.

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4. Be very careful what you take with you

How to move out discreetly

You’re taking Rex with you, end of discussion.

If your decision to move out secretly is the result of ending a long relationship, then one thing you should be careful about is what items you take with you during the stealth move.

When you’re moving out discreetly, you won’t be able to discuss how you’re going to divide your shared possessions between you, and this alone can turn out to be a serious issue. Why? If you take with you an item that your partner can claim as shared or even as theirs, then you might get yourself in legal trouble after you move away.

The best way to prevent any complications when you’re moving out without telling anyone is to take with you only the things that are yours (indisputable yours) so that nobody else can raise any claims afterward. When unsure, you’d better leave behind the questionable stuff to stay on the safe side of things.

When moving out of a rental place, you must inform your landlord that you’re moving out and you mustn’t take with you anything that is not yours – that is, the things that were there when you first moved in.

Think about this – when you’re organizing a secret move, you’ll usually want to complete the stealth relocation as soon as possible. So, moving any large items such as furniture pieces or packing up too much stuff to take with you will only slow you down and give away more hints about your intention, thus potentially botching up your initial plan to move out without anyone knowing.

Unless you hire professional furniture movers, moving any furniture items during your discreet move wouldn’t be very discreet, so it’s usually a bad idea. Also, taking a pet animal with you – a dog, a cat, or a bird can be tricky in case you’re moving out secretly due to a breakup with a partner.

Bear in mind that when you’re moving out without telling your partner and you have a child or children with that same person you’re leaving, then your secret move just won’t be possible since you’ll have to get legal counsel first about the custody of your kids.

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5. Hire a mover that cares

If you really want to move out quickly and silently, then you should seriously consider hiring a professional moving company to help you do just that.

Now, when moving locally (your destination place is located in the same state, no more than 50 miles away), then one way to organize and execute a secret move is to take only the most essential items in your car and transport them there by yourself. Depending on the circumstances, you might be able to do multiple trips from your old place to the new one.

But when you’re moving long distance, then your destination home will most likely be located in another state altogether, so your best chance of success is to hire a professional mover with many years of experience and an excellent reputation.

The moving company you pick won’t be interested in the reasons why you want to move out – what they will be interested in will be to provide a high-quality service to you and to be paid in accordance with the terms laid out in the moving contract between you and them.

If circumstances force you to move out very early in the morning or very late in the evening, then you have to speak with the moving company and see if they will be willing to accommodate your special requirements. Keeping your move secret won’t be easy but working with a top-rated mover can make things more manageable for you in the end.

Get a free quote from the best long-distance movers in your city and town to see if they will be willing to work with you to pull off a discreet move.