The best way for moving companies to get more moving jobs is to buy high-quality, converting leads. That’s why we have worked hard to be one of the trusted and relied upon sources of moving leads online.

US local leads, interstate leads, international leads and more!

Since we are a global lead provider, our steady daily flow of moving leads includes, but is not limited to, local and interstate leads. We also offer high-quality international moving leads, Canadian moving leads as well as European and Australian local and interstate moving leads with high conversion. Now we also get vehicle shipping leads through our quick vehicle shipping calculator.

Buy Verified Moving and Vehicle Leads

International and local moving leads by The Moving Blog

High-quality moving leads for moving companies

Why are our moving leads top quality? Here’s the thing:

  • Our leads are sent to a maximum of 4 movers (usually less or to only 1 company).
  • It means less competition for a given job -> saves lots of booking time for the sales department.
  • You get billed only for the leads delivered.
  • We have real-time phone number verification to provide only valid contact info.
  • Extra quick and easy single-click bad lead voiding – you don’t pay for leads with invalid data.
  • Our premium moving leads have full user-filled digital inventory room by room.

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A wise investment with pay-per-lead programs

Companies used to spend large amounts of money in print media but eventually found out that it is not an efficient way to generate quality leads. Nowadays smart companies buy leads directly from lead providers to easily keep track of their ROI and budget spending.  To make it easier for you to keep track of your investments we have created for you an easy-to-use moving leads management interface to generate extensive reports, put daily leads caps or budget limits and more features.

Buy leads for your areas of operation

Our sophisticated system can provide you with leads for the areas and states you desire. This means only relevant leads from customers who are looking to move in the areas you operate in. Interested only in local or interstate leads? You can easily set your profile to receive either or both.

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Easy integration of leads with your moving software

Since moving companies use various moving software solutions, moving leads providers are not always able to easily integrate their platform with their customer’s current software solution. With MyMovingBlog it all happens extremely quick and easy. We currently support extra quick integration with the most used software solutions like Dr. Mover, Granot, The Moving Software, MoverworX, and others. You’d like to simply receive all your leads to your e-mail? It’s a piece of cake.

Easy to integrate into any moving software

I need moving leads like yours, what are the requirements?

In order to keep our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable moving leads provider for moving companies, we have certain requirements. Professional moving companies who wish to buy moving leads from us are screened for the following:

You should be:

  • Registered with the department of transportation + a valid DOT number. This is a requirement only for US moving companies who wish to receive long-distance moving leads.
  • An active moving company maintaining a good reputation.

Do you cover the requirements? If you do, we would like to work with you to bring you more customers – just fill in our quick application below to SIGN UP.


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