Car Moving with Long Distance Movers

Car Moving with Long Distance Movers

When it comes to moving with a car things get a little bit more complicate. This time we are giving you some practical tips  that will help you to choose the best way to move your car.

Choosing Long Distance Movers

Moving your car to your new home can be very stressful, especially if you’re performing a long distance trip. If you have more than one car, then things could get even more difficult.  Even though, sometimes shipping you car with a professional long distance mover can cost you more than moving it by yourself. On the other hand, moving your car with a long distance relocating company could save you a lot of time and troubles.

That’s why you should consider hiring reliable long distance movers to move your car. It may cost you much more, but safety always comes first.

Moving your car long distance or selling it right away?

As the long distance moving can be quite expensive, if your car is relatively cheap, then you better sell it. Moving your car to another state requires changing your driving license and the number plates of your car, so buying a new car is a good idea.  Also, emission and safety standards can vary in different states.  So, if you have any doubt that your car will pass all the tests, you should seriously consider selling it and buying another one in your new state that will meet all local requirements. You can contact the state Department of Motor Vehicle and ask them:

  • What emission and safety test will have to pass your car?
  • How much does the testing cost?
  • If you buy a second-hand car, how much the testing will cost and what tests are required.

Since moving requires a decent amount of money, spending money on buying a new car is not always the best solution. That’s why we are going to give you some useful tips that could help you to choose a long distance mover to move your car.

Research your long distance moving company

Research is a vital key whether you are moving locally or long distance. Read some moving related reviews  before you make a decision and choose a mover. Contact the Better Business Bureau to find out if your long distance moving fully licensed and always check whether your mover is insured. Find if there are any complaints or reports against your mover. There are great web sites where you can read useful information about relocating and moving reviews. However, if you read many positive moving reviews you should be a bit skeptical, it’s very rare that a moving company will not have any unhappy customers; Contrary, if there are too many negative reviews, there are more likely to be fake. Be careful, unfortunately there are fake reviews, as there are people who would write anything for money.

How is your car going to be moved?

Almost all long distance movers will give you just a moving estimate, pointing out when they can pick your car and when they can transport it to the new location.  Most long distance moving companies will offer you to store your car if the pick-up date is not suitable for you. Of course, you will have to pay extra for the time that your car was in a storage facility.

Don’t forget to ask your long distance moving company about the insurance options, your car must be insured properly. You better take safety measures prior your move.
Before the moving company drives off with your car they have to perform an inspection. So, be sure that the report they provide you with, describes accurately your car present condition. This way, even if you car is damaged during the move, you will be well compensated by your moving and insurance company. Actually, your insurance company will rely on that report to calculate how much the mover will have to compensate you.

Remember that most moving companies don’t take responsibility for any lost items left in your car. So, be sure to remove all personal valuable items.

A long distance moving company will be able to provide you with accurately moving estimate only after they know the following things:

  • Moving Distance
  • Model and Make
  • Condition
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Insurance coverage

In the end, hire a long distance professional moving company that will transport your car safely and secure at reasonable price.