Telangana Man turns tree into ‘isolation room’ after struggling to find one in village

In villages far from modest homes, a much more serious but widespread problem has been the lack of space for seclusion and in the Nalagonda district of Telangana, an 18-year-old man, Shiva, built himself a bathroom. ‘seclusion, instead a bed over a tree on the area near his house, using bamboo sticks attached to the branches. A resident of Kothanandikonda, a tribal village in the interiors of Nalagonda district, Shiva tested positive for coronavirus on May 4 and village volunteers told him to isolate himself from his family. But all of Shiva’s family live in a small space and there was no way the young man could have isolated himself without affecting his family. So he came up with the one plan, The Print reported.

So far, Shiva has spent 11 days on the tree. His village, Kothanandikonda, has 350 families but there is no nearest primary health center (PHC) and one just 5 km away. Villagers also said the nearest hospital is 30 km away. He is studying in Hyderabad and returned home after cases spiked in the city.

Although an isolation center was opened very recently in the district on May 13, very few of them are aware of it and therefore have to design their own methods of self-isolation.

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Last year, immediately after the lockdown was imposed across the country and migrant workers returned home after the establishments in which they worked were closed, several such cases came to light where workers were brought to light. designed such means to isolate themselves, especially due to the lack of space at their homes. Seven tribal migrant workers, who returned home to Purulia district in West Bengal from Chennai, have quarantined on banyan tree and two mango trees.

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As the families of the workers lived in a one-room mud hut, they decided to isolate themselves separately on the trees as they did not want their families to contract the disease. The 7 made seven bamboo beds and mosquito nets on top of the trees and stayed for 14 days.

Returning to Shiva, the 18-year-old made a pulley system using a rope and a bucket for his use as he secluded himself on the treetops. Her family sends her food and other essentials. Shiva is not the only one who has had to build something separately to isolate herself. Many residents of its villages are said to have isolated themselves in bathrooms, makeshift huts and developed similar methods of quarantine.

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