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A Nanaimo parent who worked on the Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools Inclusiveness and Truth and Reconciliation Committees wants to apply his experience to the school board table.

Leana Pellegrin has 11 years of experience volunteering with at-risk youth, 10 years on the Nanaimo Youth Services Association Board of Directors, and has served on school district committees dealing with sexual orientation and gender identity. , anti-bullying and truth and reconciliation. She knows the problems in the neighborhood.

She is pleased with the work done in the district’s Syeyutsus Reconciliation framework and feels that this work makes her a good candidate.

“I am very proud of our journey towards truth and reconciliation, as we are the first in the province to make it one of the main pillars and to invest so much in it,” said Pellegrin. “Other school districts are definitely watching us and following suit. I was part of the inclusion policy when it was written and was very proud of it as well. We were also one of the first in the province to do so. to have one and for it to be so inclusive and cover everything.I also sat on SOGI so obviously I’m 100% in favor of that.

Pellegrin hopes to solve the district’s child poverty problems. Nanaimo has a very high child poverty rate, recently calculated to be the second highest in the province, she said, which she hopes to change.

“We could very easily be a safe place and ask students to use showers and/or laundry before or after school and make sure help is offered without any shame,” Pellegrin said. “There are also students well below the poverty line in affluent schools and it is easier for them to slip through the cracks.”

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