Qatar guarantees safe maternal and newborn care (data from UNICEF)

In Qatar, deliveries are attended by 100% trained health personnel, which is crucial in reducing maternal and child deaths, according to recent data released by Unicef.

According to data since 2012, all deliveries have been attended by skilled health personnel in the country.

The proportion of births attended by skilled personnel is over 90% in three of the six regions of the World Health Organization (WHO).

It is important that Qatar marks the 7th Qatar Patient Safety Week which coincides with World Patient Safety Day under the theme of safe maternal and newborn care.

In a statement, the Minister of Public Health, HE Dr Hanan Mohammed Al Kuwari, said: “This year’s theme of safe maternal and newborn care is one of our priorities in the National Health Strategy 2018-2022. in Qatar, where we have identified “healthy women leading to healthy pregnancies” as one of the seven priority population groups as part of the strategy being implemented across the health sector.

These plans are carefully designed to ensure that existing services and resources are aligned and that new services and resources are developed when needed, to best meet the needs of mothers and newborns.

She stressed the importance of sensitizing all stakeholders to maternal and newborn safety issues, in order to ensure safe and high quality care for mothers and newborns.

The ministry also hosted a virtual conference on “Safe Maternal and Newborn Care,” which ended yesterday. The conference addressed several topics related to key aspects of quality and safety during pregnancy and childbirth.

“Almost two years have passed since the COVID-19 outbreak, which has been a difficult time for health systems and delayed the delivery of some basic health services in general in many health systems across the world, especially health services for women and newborns, ”said Huda Amer Al Katheeri, director of the strategic planning and performance department at the ministry.

Dr Najat Khenyab, national leader of healthy women leading to healthy pregnancies, said: “Comprehensive plans have been developed to improve services for women and children in the country. The strategy aims to improve the capacity to monitor the causes of obstetric complications, to provide national protocols and advice on maternity care, including infertility and caesarean section, to provide midwifery and maternity care services. integrated maternity services at different stages of pregnancy, childbirth and after birth.

The ministry launched a virtual campaign to raise awareness among healthcare providers and the public using various media platforms. A survey was conducted on the level of public satisfaction with virtual health services provided in Qatar during the Covid-19 pandemic, in collaboration between the Ministry of Public Health and the Global Health Innovation Summit ( WISH).

Many cultural monuments and public places across the country were illuminated in orange on September 17, the color symbolizing the central role of patient safety in countries’ efforts to achieve universal health coverage and maternal and newborn safety.

Qatar Patient Safety Week is a national initiative launched by the ministry to raise awareness and disseminate patient safety concepts to all healthcare providers as well as the public in Qatar.

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