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Photo: Senator Joe Manchin at an event in 2013, credit – Third Way Think Tank

Senator Joe Manchin has emerged in recent weeks as the main opponent of vital social programs to help workers in education, health, the environment and more. Manchin, a millionaire capitalist, has devoted all his energy to gutting the budget for the social program under consideration in Congress. The news of the liberation spoke with Carsie Blanton, a singer-songwriter who bravely confronted Manchin for his vile actions on behalf of the wealthy.

– What happened on October 24 at the Kennedy Center? Tell us about the event and how you acted.

I was booked to be one of six performers on the Mountain Stage Radio show, which was recorded at the Kennedy Center in DC. I’m playing with a band, and as we were waiting to continue behind the scenes, someone mentioned to us that Joe Manchin was in the audience. I felt like this was an opportunity to tell him something, publicly, about his removal from the Democrats’ spending bill. I had found an article published earlier today on the next step in extending the Manchin Log Child Tax Credit, and felt like it was a concise, understandable, and problematic issue. extremely unpopular.

We discussed this as a group and decided to do it. After a few more songs, I said, “There’s someone in the audience tonight who could personally reduce child poverty in America by 40%. Senator Joe Manchin, this one is for you. We hope you make the right decision. Then we played him an original song called “Dealin with the Devil” which has some pretty mean words about politicians.

– What you said on stage reflects the feelings of millions of people across the country right now. Why is Joe Manchin such a despicable character?

I think it exposes the horrible flaws in our version of democracy. Our representatives are all attached to capital, but Manchin says it very clearly. He is a Democrat and he is ready to vote against the interests of his party, his constituents and all working American workers, even on very popular legislation (like the child tax credit), in order to please a few. West Virginia coal barons and pharmaceutical CEOs. .

–Why is the issue of the parent-student tax credit so important to you? And what do you think of Biden making a deal with Manchin to extend this tax credit but only for a year?

I think we need a revolution. We are in a once-in-a-lifetime national crisis, progressive politics have never been so popular and Democrats are ensuring that these policies still cannot overtake Congress. None of this is fair, democratic, efficient or practical.

– What do you advise other artists who wish to use their platform to defend the rights of the working class?

Everyone who works in music belongs to the working class. Record companies are dead, royalties have dried up, and great technology is giving out our work for free. If they want us to shut up and sing, they’re going to have to start paying a lot better!

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