More than 35 elected officials call on Gottheimer to support Biden’s budget plan

As Congress prepares to take a series of votes that will decide the fate of President Biden’s national signing priorities, more than 35 locally elected officials have sent a letter to Representative Josh Gottheimer (D-Wycoff), calling on him to fully support the president’s $ 3.5 trillion budget plan.

Members of the Democratic committee and members of local governing bodies in the Gottheimer North Jersey district highlighted important aspects of the president’s Build Back Better program, indicating how the plan would benefit the congressman’s own voters.

“As tensions in Washington rise, it is important that Representative Gottheimer realizes that President Biden’s plan will bring tangible benefits to residents of North Jersey,” said Teresa Gilbreath, Glen Rock board member. “We need bold action to meet the challenge of climate change, tackle child poverty, build an economy that works for working families and create a path for young adults to build a stable future. “

Local elected officials also stressed that the proposed investments in public transport, electric vehicles, clean energy and flood mitigation projects are essential for the future of North Jersey. In addition, they touted a number of other provisions in the president’s plan, ranging from reducing child poverty in half to expanding the child tax credit.

“Communities in North Jersey are suffering from the continued impacts of COVID-19 on our local businesses and families. More recently, Hurricane Ida once again demonstrated the growing threat of climate change to our region, as neighbors and store owners suffered severe flooding, forced evacuations, devastating property damage and even loss. of life, ”the letter indicates. “President Biden’s comprehensive Build Back Better plan addresses both issues at the same time. It includes an aggressive jobs program that will put millions of people to work in high paying union jobs, creating real prosperity for the working families who are the backbone of your district.

Gottheimer threatened to derail the president’s agenda last month, as he led a group of nine moderate Democrats who threatened to vote no on a key procedural step to begin scrutiny of the budget process.

As negotiations on this agenda conclude in Congress, these elected officials call on Gottheimer to lend his full support to the president’s comprehensive $ 3.5 trillion agenda to maximize this unique opportunity to invest in local communities. and build the middle classify.

You can read a copy of the full letter here.

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