More families with sick children struggle to cover costs

The CEO of a charity which financially supports families with sick children said there had been an increase in requests for help.

The Cliona Foundation supports parents of children with life-threatening illnesses by contributing to non-medical expenses related to the care of a sick child.

Brendan Ring told Newstalk this morning that the charity will have to increase the number of families it supports in response to the influx of claimants.

“We have seen an increase of around 20% in the number of applications we receive compared to the same period last year.”

Cost of living crisis

Ring said he expects many families will face a crisis in the fall and winter due to the rising cost of living.

“Families who start applying, you wouldn’t necessarily have seen the ones who were applying before,” he said.

“This leads us to believe that some of our families who may not have needed our help in the past now need it because of this increased cost of living.”

“Plunged into misery”

Gas and electricity bills continue to rise, with major energy supplier Panda Energy raising prices for the seventh time in less than two years.

Its customers can expect electricity bills to rise by 12.7% and gas bills to rise by 25.8% from August 25.

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said that ordinary people will be “paralyzed” by the “completely unsustainable increases”.

Talk to Newstalk breakfast Yesterday Boyd Barrett said: ‘A lot of people are going to be pushed into poverty.

“How are people whose incomes have remained more or less static supposed to handle this?”


Bord Gáis Energy’s profits have risen by 74% and Electric Ireland will next week increase its customers’ electricity and gas bills by 11% and 29% respectively.

“This is a massive transfer of wealth into the corporate energy sector and it’s crushing people,” Boyd Barrett said. “A lot of people just won’t be able to handle this.”

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