Lumpy skin epidemic affects 10,000 cattle

About 10,000 head of cattle in 20 provinces, especially along the Thai border, have been infected with lumpy skin disease (LSD) and about 1% of these sick cattle have died, mostly calves.

The director general of the General Department of Animal Health and Production, Tann Phannara, is trying to procure enough LSD-based vaccines as soon as possible to quell the outbreak. There are about three million head of cattle in the Kingdom.

“This figure is not 100% accurate because the Agriculture Ministry has yet to update the number of cattle infected with LSD yet,” said Nou Vornika, director of the Department of Health. animal and public health.

Vornika said the symptoms of LSD cause malnutrition and debilitation in livestock. They do not drink, as their temperature drops from 40 to 41.5 ° C and suffer from inflammation of the eyes, runny nose, salivation and swollen feet.

Untreated, it grows in small masses under the skin from small to large until it covers the body of cattle, especially on the head, ankles, breasts and genitals with a diameter of 5 to 50 millimeters.

The lump will start to form ulcers within 14 to 30 days which can stick to the skin of cattle for months.

Vornika urged owners of cattle who have not yet been infected with LSD to use insect repellant around the animal (being careful not to poison the nose or mouth of the cattle), to clean the enclosure where cows sleep, hang mosquito nets and use mosquito lamps.

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