DGHS: Amid Covid pandemic, dengue fever could get worse

“People should be more aware of dengue prevention”

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) has warned that the dengue situation in the country could worsen amid the out-of-control spike in Covid-19 infections across the country.

The spokesperson and line director of the DGHS, Professor Nazmul Islam, yesterday expressed his deep concern about dengue, during a regular health bulletin on Covid-19.

He said: “The Covid-19 situation in the country is currently on the rise. If the dengue situation deteriorates, it will be difficult for us to deal with it.”

The situation would continue to deteriorate if mosquito control officials across the country did not do their best by all means, said Dr Nazmul.

He advised people to be much more aware of dengue prevention.

Everything, including rooftop flowerpots, drains on the exterior of homes should be kept clean.

The dresser in the bathroom, buckets or anything else should not be left with water, especially if the house is left unoccupied for three or more days.

Since aedes mosquitoes mainly bite during the day, he also suggested using mosquito nets during the day while sleeping.

He said if someone has a fever they should be tested for dengue fever as well as the coronavirus.

And in case of treatment, the drug should be taken on the advice of a licensed physician. If necessary, one could seek treatment by contacting the DGHS hotline number.

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