Mosquito Nets

Is this the best mosquito killer? Read it

Mosquitron Review Mosquitron Review: During the summer, outdoor activities like hiking, sunbathing, and barbecuing become a norm for virtually everyone. With these adventures come harmful mosquitoes. These pests, which thrive in summer, can put a damper on anyone’s enjoyment in hot weather. There are other ways to deter mosquitoes, the …

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6 common greenhouse pests and how to manage them

Outbreaks of pests and diseases in a greenhouse are a serious pain and can get out of hand if not treated properly. Outbreaks of pests and diseases in a greenhouse typically require three main factors: a susceptible host plant, the presence of a pest or disease, and an environment conducive …

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Good news emerges about a malaria vaccine

In Africa and elsewhere, COVID-19 dominates media attention. Yet malaria has probably killed four times more than COVID-19 in the past year in Africa. The disease is caused by a parasite, plasmodium, not a virus or bacteria. The disease does not confer any immunity and an individual can catch it …

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