Barcelona increases its collaboration with Unicef

Barcelona and Unicef ​​have reached an agreement to renew their bond until next season’s final in June 2022. Like this he gave him to know ‘The Club of Mitjanit’ of Catalonia Ràdio. The deal is for one season and comes later in the season that ends in the end, the Unicef ​​logo kept in the Barcelona T-shirt, although there was no more agreement with them.

It is important to remember that the last agreement between Barça and Unicef ​​was signed in 2016 and took place in four campaigns, until June 2020. Por The so much, all this season and until only a few weeks, Barça and Unicef ​​continued to work without a clear agreement.

The previous collaboration agreement between the two organizations finalized in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and according to those informed by Catalonia Ràdio, could be one of the reasons why the renewal has remained in a drawer. Despite this, during this course, Barça kept the Unicef ​​logo in the lower part of the T-shirt.

The new agreement between Barcelona and Unicef ​​is different from that of recent years. This time, the club will lucirá the logo but without half economic provision. That is to say that Barça will leave to pay nearly a million and a half euros, but in return, the Catalan club and its foundation are committed carry out social projects in groups with members of Unicef, like for example one to help boys without a ceiling.

Barça has the Unicef ​​logo in the T-shirt of the year 2006, when Joan Laporta found it in his first period as president. An action that had a global impact and that made the Barcelona entity “Més d’un club” (More than a club). For five years more the Barcelona would arrive the logo in the main part of the elastic and from 2011 it carries it under the back protector.

Club location

The situation of the Catalan place is not simple in economic terms. For now, recent reports aim for Barcelona’s total debt to be € 1.173million and the pandemic has helped the club’s economic crisis to worsen even more. In fact, Laporta, seeing the engaged who find the accounts of the club, decided by descartar the signature of Haaland to give him priority to the renewal of Lionel Messi.

In addition to that, the said situation has made Barcelona concentrate its efforts in fichar to players whose agreements are ultimately in their respective clubs. The sounded corn was the “Kun” Agúero, the Argentine striker from Manchester City and whose agreement with the “citizens” this summer, as well as Menphis Depay of the French Lyonnais and Eric García, the one who also comes from the City.

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