ASEAN and UNICEF organize workshop on financing disaster and shock responses

A workshop on “Financing Disaster and Shock Responses: Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges in Disaster Risk Financing and Disaster Responsive Social Protection in South East Asia” was jointly organized by the Secretariat of ASEAN and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) East Asia and the Pacific via videoconference.

The objective of the workshop was to share the findings of a regional landscape analysis – undertaken by UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific – on disaster risk financing and shock-responsive social protection in the ASEAN, and discuss ways to operationalize policy recommendations to strengthen funding mechanisms for resilience. building and disaster response in Southeast Asia.

The research is part of the joint ASEAN-UN project “Scaling up Forecast based Financing / Early Warning Early Action and shock responsive social protection” supported by the Humanitarian Aid Department of the European Commission (ECHO).

Representatives from various sectors of ASEAN member countries, such as disaster management, health, finance and insurance, and social protection and gender, as well as the ASEAN secretariat have helped improve performance. Search results.

The workshop concluded that the financing gap between large-scale disasters and smaller but more regular shocks is ASEAN’s most pressing challenge. The urgent need to establish effective and pre-established mechanisms for disaster risk financing, public financial management and shock-responsive social protection was also stressed by participants.

Improving disaster risk financing for social protection in ASEAN requires strong pre-existing basic social protection systems, as well as a balance between national social protection instruments and local delivery and financing.

It was also agreed that social protection, public financial management and risk analysis programs are priorities for ASEAN to pursue. VNA

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