Alarm as KP records over 800 dengue fever cases in one month – Journal

PESHAWAR: The health department in collaboration with district administrations has started fumigation and an awareness campaign in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa following the detection of more than 800 cases of dengue.

Officials told Dawn that mosquito-borne illnesses have been reported in 19 districts of the province, where district health workers have been tasked with teaming up with relevant administrations and departments to carry out spraying in the province. infected areas and intensify the public. awareness of dengue control and prevention.

“Dengue fever is endemic in Peshawar, where it killed 70 people in 2018. Since then, the disease has appeared from time to time due to puddles, which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes,” said one responsible.

Officials say the province has reported 848 cases in the past month and of those, 37 have been admitted to hospitals. However, no casualties were reported.

Ministry of Health, district administrators begin fumigation and awareness campaign

Nowshera recorded 213 cases of dengue, Buner 190, Peshawar 145, Khyber 124, Swabi 34 and Mardan 24.

Health officials said they were alarmed at the rising incidence of dengue fever and feared the situation might evolve in the direction of 2018, when hospitals were inundated with cases from villages, especially Peshawar.

They said the same villages were proving to be dengue hotspots again, as most of the patients visiting hospitals belonged to them.

The villages are located at Tehkal Bala, Danishabad, Academy Town, Achini, Sufaid Dheri, Board Bazaar, Lalazar Colony and Charsadda Road.

A press release posted here said that a meeting held under the leadership of Peshawar Deputy Commissioner Khalid Mehmood was informed that the district administration, together with health and other relevant departments, had established two camps in high-risk areas, where suspected patients have been tested for dengue.

Teams were deployed to fumigate the affected areas and educate the population on the causes of the mosquito-borne disease and how to prevent it.

“The teams are accompanied by entomologists, who take water samples to test for dengue fever and take appropriate measures to control its transmission,” the statement said.

He added that DC Gul Bano was overseeing dengue-related activities in the district to ensure rapid diagnosis of patients and raise awareness of the elimination of standing water, covering of water pots and l use of mosquito nets in endemic areas.

Health department officials said they sent investigation kits and drugs to diagnose and manage dengue patients locally.

They said there wouldn’t be a dengue epidemic if people kept their surroundings clean and didn’t allow water to pool.

Officials said the administration’s readiness to effectively combat dengue fever was “high”.

They said people had been urged to stop using room coolers, which were the main cause of the spread of dengue fever as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Officials also called for the use of long-sleeved shirts as a preventative measure against dengue fever and said the focus was on preventing water build-up.

They said dengue can cause death because it doesn’t have specific treatment like other viral infections.

Doctors associated with the management of dengue patients told Dawn that the focus should be on educating the public about preventative measures.

They said the death rate from dengue fever is very high and therefore people should take preventive measures to avoid deaths from the mosquito-borne disease.

Posted in Dawn, le 26 September 2021

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