A raft in bad weather – This is how this philanthropist from Tiruchy wins hearts

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TIRUCHY: The sun has finally broken through the thick clouds of Tiruchy, but CK Anand is still busy. His phone has never stopped ringing as many of the city’s alleys have remained underwater due to the downpour of the past few weeks which has left the city completely inundated. It can be an urgent call to request a boat; someone who requests prompt delivery of certain vegetables or medicines; it could be a toddler crying for a chocolate.

In his late thirties, Anand leads a group of volunteers, who provide the essentials to people residing in flooded areas 24 hours a day. Their day begins at 7 am and continues beyond midnight, especially in recent days. .

A few days ago, as gray clouds hung over the city, Anand received a call: a few people were stranded in the low areas of Lingam Nagar, Arul Nagar, Selvam Nagar, Rajalakshmi Nagar in Woraiyur, and needed of food. He rounded up a few boys from his area and rushed to the affected areas with help.

“I have rented two boats in Mukkombu and people who can row them. I wanted to provide what people really needed in these difficult times. The first two days we distributed basic necessities such as milk, atta, maggi, semiya, bread, etc. We also distributed food and vegetables. We try to help as many people as possible, ”says Anand.

Running his own cable company, Anand goes the extra mile to help the people around him. The compassionate three-year-old has won a special place in people’s hearts. His philanthropic journey began during Cyclone Gaja, Anand’s friends said, and has continued ever since. The people of these localities are full of praise for him. “Anand also helped us during the lockdown.

A few months ago, in some areas, he realized that there was a high risk of dengue and malaria. He had mosquito nets installed in all households at his own expense. He has rescued more than 500 people in recent weeks, ”a resident of Arul Nagar, Pugazh, told TNIE.

“We saw three floods last month, but the last few days have been the worst. Anand and his team worked tirelessly. They are doing what the government has to do. They saved several lives.
said Raj Mohamed, a resident of Selvam Nagar.

Even though he talks to TNIE, he is busy taking care of the people around. Each passer-by stops to talk to him. Some asked him to provide vegetables in their area, others simply stopped to express their gratitude. The water has receded from most of the alleys in the city. But Anand is still busy. And he’s just a phone call away.

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