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The tents are made of fiberglass and do not weigh 60 kg. They cost 3,389 euros.

Many pedigree “ motorhomes ” would gasp if we showed upin a campsite with a Mini whose roof protrudes what looks like a simple trunk. Especially when we release the hooks and let gas springs lift the top of the hood to set up a tent.

These are the two ‘star’ accessories offered by Autohome for Mini, as long as they are not Cabrio. And its creators boast that British models become thanks to them The smallest and most ecological motorhomes in the world when they are subjected to Mini Cooper SE Countryman (plug-in hybrid) and Mini Cooper SE (100% electric). Yes it is clear that does not include kitchen or bathroom (what we understand is essential in a motorhome), but for Rest comfortably where the night takes you are more than sufficient.

Both provide space for two adults sleep without a strait. And even without too much heat this summer, since both models have openings covered with mosquito nets so that the air circulates from side to side on the carpet.

A motorhome made in mini?  it's possible

If you want to use them in winter, you will need them Sleeping bag, which can be stored in a trunk which in the Cooper SE is 211 liters (extendable up to 731 if the rear seatbacks are folded down) and in the Countryman Hybrid reaches 405 liters (which reach 1275 by lowering the rear seatback).

And don’t think you have to take a rock climbing course to access them, because they include a aluminum folding ladder with eight steps so as not to play the guy or trample the car.

A motorhome made in mini?  it's possible

The good thing is that in some campsites are already installing charging stations. In other words, you can also make the vacation greener if you get there using the electric range of the Countryman Hybrid, i.e. 59 km; or, better, that of Mini electric, which reaches 234 km.

To have weight less than 60 kg, are made in fiberglass in different colors and measure 210 cm long, therefore the tallest ones will not have space problems. These tents are priced at 3,389 euros. Of course, already said, the best is that you accompany them with other accessories that Autohome offers, like the refrigerator, the coffee maker, etc.

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