With the individually fitting loan for tooth restoration, you can start a new lifestyle. Smiling without a hand in front of your mouth ensures social recognition and improves the quality of life.

We would like to present you with current financing models that suit your dental restoration and wallet. A credit comparison includes current loans with a specific earmarking for dental purposes.

Tooth restoration credit – an aesthetic fresh start

Tooth restoration credit - an aesthetic fresh start

Before the health care reform, patients would not have thought about a loan for dental restoration. The dentist’s bill was mostly borne by the health insurance company. “Extravagances”, such as dental treatment under hypnosis, veneers instead of crowns and other modern treatment methods simply did not offer dentists. The majority of the patient pays for dental restoration himself.

This means that the statutory health insurance company no longer decides on its service catalog which dental treatment has an optimal effect on the budget savings. The change not only results in negative effects, but at least as many positive aspects for patients. Almost every dental practice now offers optimal services that were formerly reserved for the rich and beautiful Hollywood.

Fast national credit for dental restoration ensures dental health for the general public that ordinary citizens can afford. Unfortunately, there is not yet a patent loan that is suitable for all needs. The individually correct offer could come from the house bank, a direct bank or a specialist provider of dental loans. Decisive for the loan choice are the loan amount, the personal creditworthiness and the financing costs.

Special loan for tooth restoration – what is it?

Special loan for tooth restoration - what is it?

Not every patient knows special medical loans. Since the statutory health insurance companies more or less only provide basic medical care, some providers have discovered patient loans as a market opportunity. In principle, the special loan for tooth restoration is an installment loan for patients with an average good credit rating. The first peculiarity lies in the distribution channel.

Medical loans are usually offered directly in the dental practice. Patients are alerted by flyers in the waiting room or directly by the doctor when planning the treatment. The loan payment is advantageous for people who want to save two online transfers. The medical loan for tooth restoration is paid directly to the doctor and the laboratory.

At first glance, the fact that the special loan with a term of 6 months would even be granted without interest appears advantageous. The application route would be disadvantageous. The “big ones” on the market at least currently only allow applications in connection with Post-ID. In addition, lending is only possible if the dentist and laboratory have joined the provider. At least, the restriction of the free choice of laboratory could significantly increase costs.

Finance appropriately – good credit

Finance appropriately - good credit

With average creditworthiness, proven by the score and the secure working income, the credit requirement decides which loan offer seems suitable. For very small loan amounts that would be settled again within a month, the whole effort of applying for a loan is not worth it. In this case, the house bank offers the optimal credit offer with the overdraft facility.

The special offer scores with a tooth restoration loan that would be repaid within 6 months. For example, loans financed through z | easy would have no interest for six months. With an average household budget that can easily cope with a monthly payment of 100 USD, loans of up to 1000 USD are possible. Unfortunately, the patient does not get very far with a comprehensive denture restoration.

Usual treatment costs of a small restoration, for example 2 crowns or veneers, already lead to a dentist bill of around 2000 USD. When restoring teeth with a tooth bracket for adults, a loan requirement of 3000 USD would be more realistic. In order to keep the rate of 3000 USD for a dentist loan below 100 USD per month, a period of 36 months would be appropriate.

Small loan comparison – special loan versus direct bank

Small loan comparison - special loan versus direct bank

3000 USD loan for dental restoration with a term of 36 months leads to a monthly installment payment of 96 USD for the special loan. However, according to the installment calculator, the bank calculates 8.90 percent effective APR regardless of creditworthiness. In total, the special loan for medical purposes incurs financing costs of $ 456.

If the same loan amount and term are requested via a free loan comparison, this currently leads to the small loan from Cream Bank. The loan comparison calculates the monthly installment of the loan at the temporary special interest rate at $ 85.63. The bank states the non-creditworthy annual percentage rate at 1.79 percent. The credit comparison calculator calculates the financing costs with a total of 82.82 USD.

The credit comparison could always save 373.18 USD in interest provided that the creditworthiness is sufficient. This time, a direct bank scores from the free loan comparison clearly compared to the special loan.

Dental treatment credit – poor credit rating

Dental treatment credit - poor credit rating

Unfortunately, the overdraft facility is not always available for small loans with poor creditworthiness. But, tooth restoration does not have to fail due to poor creditworthiness for a few hundred USD. Mini credit, such as that offered by Vexcash, could quickly and easily bridge the period until the next payday. New customers are offered $ 100 to $ 500 credit with a 30-day term. – Even despite a negative credit bureau.

Astro Finance offers a good contact point for the loan for tooth restoration, as an installment loan despite limited creditworthiness. With Astro Finance’s free loan comparison, you can find low-interest regular bank loans as well as low-risk risk loans. Alternatively, the required tooth restoration loan could also come from private sources.