It does not always have the plaster crumble from the walls until the handle to hammer and screwdriver is necessary: ​​A new roof, an efficient heating system or a new bathroom are not just a question of aesthetics, because for property owners it is also about value preservation – and thus by the amount of running costs.

An investment backlog will cause unnecessary financial overhead in the long run, which can be prevented with a timely loan for renovation. If you wait a long time for necessary repairs, you will pay more in the end. So getting ready for a renovation loan in time, pays off.

Take good care of renovation early with a good loan

Take good care of renovation early with a good loan

Investment in modernization and renovation is not necessarily a case for the building society. A loan for renovation with favorable conditions is quickly applied for and is usually approved without long waits, so that hammer and screwdriver can be used quickly.

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Investment with credit: Modernization really saves money

Investment with credit: Modernization really saves money

Experts estimate a substantial 35,000 to 50,000 euros for a sustainable renovation of an average single-family home – an investment that is particularly worthwhile in the medium and long term when old doors and windows and an old heating system are replaced. Good seals and thermal glazing as well as an efficient heating system reduce energy costs. A well-calculated loan for renovation has thus already paid off after a few years.

Additional financial assistance may be the housing subsidy offered by the federal government, which under certain conditions will also be paid out for renovation and modernization. First of all, everyone who has concluded a home savings contract and has a maximum annual income of 25,600 euros (51,200 euros for married couples) has a chance of winning the premium. Condition for the promotion is that the Bauspar contract is used within the first seven years only for housing purposes, including renovations, refurbishments and refurbishments. After expiry of the period, the Bauspar credit can be used arbitrarily. If the entire investment is not covered by the premium, a cheap modernization loan will help.

Who lives for rent, will probably refrain from a thorough renovation from his own pocket. However, renovating with a cheap loan can still make sense, because even with smaller improvements, the quality of living increases. In the case of an excerpt, moreover, it is often necessary to paper and paint (here are tips for renovating). Again, an investment backlog makes a negative impact.

Do not put off with credit renovation

Anyone who owns a property often knows only too well: Once you have worked through the renovation work from the front door, you can start over again, because there is always something to do. In order not to seriously get into trouble here, a loan comparison with the financial calculator for, for example, a renovation loan is worthwhile. Because without money worries it is even really fun to conscientiously look after the house and yard.

By the way: When it comes to real estate, it can also make sense to seek an installment loan.