A specialist in financial solutions and working in the banking sector, recently said that a decision is about to be implemented. It concerns an upward revaluation of the credit rate. Denying a certain willingness to benefit from acquisitions, would this revision of the terms of accession be aimed at curbing the numerous credit restructuring deposits? Maybe the applicants will think twice about it.

Why is the loan portfolio soaring?



It’s confirmed ! In view of this enthusiasm and the pile up of files, the banks have tightened the conditions for the repurchase of credit. Because, let’s face it, the banks will not favor a buyout of credit instead of a real estate accession! As a result, as the demands for credit negotiations pour in mass, it will be necessary to wait and not only a little.

Lack of luck, the last months of the year fall not only with the completion of the responses to the offers of mortgage, under the devices Pinel and PTZ.

Accession to the penalized mortgage

Accession to the penalized mortgage


The customer is entitled to request an alignment of its credit rate to those currently practiced. He can unduly negotiate. However, a broker has very recently noted an increase on real estate loan buyback transactions. This happened for the record of one of his clients.

The facts and the situation are identical to the starting conditions of a new real estate purchase. With + 0.2% its rate has been revised upwards!

No explanation for the moment has been validated, but it seems that fees and penalties add to the overall cost of its acquisition.

If in doubt, it would be better to refrain from applying for renegotiation. And to say that not so long ago, the banks were scrambling to issue proposals for credit down.

Borrower insurance: delegation remains optional

Borrower insurance: delegation remains optional



The different types of insurance allow you to choose the ones that are most suitable for the borrower: job loss, temporary disability, etc. The disability death premium must be contracted as part of a mortgage. It is possible to add other guarantees (life insurance, deposit, etc.).

Just as for a mortgage loan subscription, it is advisable to make a simulation of credit redemption. The goal is to make a comparison and win a winner by choosing the best offer.

The advantage when renegotiating one’s credit is to be able to easily change the delegation of insurance. The old insurance will be automatically terminated.

It should be noted that the delegation of insurance procedures should be undertaken well before the finalization of the credit renegotiation offer. It is up to the borrower to realize them.