For the claim of a loan in the amount of 14,000 euros, three banks establish themselves by far in the first three places. The list of offers with the most favorable conditions for a € 14000 loan from the Larga bank is cited. This is followed by the bank creditema and the bank Credit PoleBank. Prerequisite for the calculation of the loan terms was a term of 48 months.

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Anyone wishing to apply for fast payday loans for bad credit from should have a valid identity card and, at best, a permanent work contract with regular income. In addition, the applicant must have a permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany. If all requirements are met, the bank can decide on the granting of a loan. If, due to a lack of creditworthiness, a loan is not granted, the applicant is free to name a guarantor for the loan amount. For the guarantor, the same conditions apply in the application. A negative credit bureau entry does not necessarily mean the principle rejection of a loan request, however, the offer for credit is very überschau bar. Meanwhile, banks also lend to people, without obtaining information about the payment behavior of the person at the credit bureau. However, these loans are usually offered at a significantly higher interest rate.

48 months loan terms

Larga bank charges the customer a monthly installment of € 317.41 at a rate between 4.29 percent and 10.99 percent for a € 14000 loan. The respective creditworthiness of the applicant calculates the corresponding interest rate. So if a good credit rating from the customer exists, we can take this with a low interest rate. If two people apply for this € 14000 loan, this will have a positive effect on the interest rate. A negative credit bureau entry is not generated by the Larga bank. The acceptance rate is currently around 90 percent of all submitted loan requests.

The Bank creditema estimated at a term of 48 months, a monthly repayment amount of 317.77 euros, which is only slightly behind the offer of Larga bank. However, of all incoming credit requests, only about every second is granted. The interest rate for the 14000 Euro credit for creditema is between 4.35 percent and 10.90 percent. On the announcement of a negative credit bureau entry creditema completely waived. Also with this offer can be influenced by a good credit rating and by several borrowers the interest rate in favor of the debtor.

The credit institution Credit PoleBank estimates a tin rate of between 4.40 percent and 11.95 percent for the entire term of the loan. In the most favorable case, the monthly installment for the € 14,000 loan is € 318.08. As with the two previous banks, a good credit rating also has an impact on a low interest burden. Grants for a 14000 euro loan
Lying at about 75 percent with the bank waives the negative credit bureau entry. All loans can be used for any purpose.